Nil - Futuristic chat client for Matrix

Nil not only supports basic Matrix features (like encryption), but also comes with online GIF picker, Memoji sticker picker, message folders, RSS readers, local AI chats, customizable reaction emojis, customizable notification sounds, multiple accounts support, and more!

Nil aims to be the futuristic client that helps you fly through Matrix and other worlds!

Common features:
- log in with your Matrix chat account using username and password
- view regular and encrypted rooms. Send text, image, videos.
- rich notification with avatar image and message content
- voice and video calls

Fancy features:
- use online GIF (Powered by Tenor)
- search for messages, ask Siri to search for a message
- categorize rooms into different folders
- add RSS feeds and read them in the app
- use the system sticker picker (which includes Memoji stickers as well)
- customize the notification mode (like time sensitive) and notification sound for each contact person
- customize the default reaction emojis, and create emoji folders

Local AI features:
- download local AI models and chat with them
- ask AI to summarize recent messages within a room
- ask AI to offer reply suggestions for a selected message

Nil - futuristic Matrix Chat client - for iOS, comes with Tenor GIF, local AI, room folders + more | Product Hunt
Nil is a futuristic Matrix client offering not only features like encryption, rich notifications, share sheet, but also: - Tenor GIF picker - System sticker & Memoji picker - chat room folders - RSS reader - local AI chats, AI message summary, and more!

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