Compatible with 🐘Mastodon, 🔑MissKey, 🔥🐟Firefish, and 🌤️BlueSky
Smart timeline curated by 🤖advanced algorithms, organize your favorites with 🗂️ bookmark folders, engage in 💬DMs...
Built for you. Intelligent. Beautiful. Adaptive.

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"iOS app SoraSNS is already one of the more interesting fediverse apps in development, that supports a variety of platforms and has interesting ideas with algorithmic timelines. It now supports Bluesky as well."
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Smart algorithms learns your interests, categorizes them, and features similar topics from all accounts across your instance.

Different feeds are fetched based on your interests and mixed into your home timeline; then, sorted based on a score about how the content might interests you.

You can customize the algorithm weights and the sorting (scoring) method.

Feature Packed


Push notifications with profile pictures, timeline with inline rendering of quoted accounts and posts... every details of your experiences matter.

Adaptive: Bluesky/Firefish/Misskey

Supports custom feeds, app specific password management, and invite codes; Supports Firefish/Misskey drive feature.

One app,
Multiple Platforms,
Multiple Accounts,
opens all Fediverse doors

🤗Supports all Mastodon instances
🐱Supports MissKey instances
🔥Supports FireFish instances
🌤️Supports BlueSky

Free to use,
let us be your engine in the FediVerse*

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*Some of the features requires a subscription or a one-time purchase. Please test all feature compatibility for your instance before making a purchase.

Sora iOS for Mastodon, Bluesky, Firefish - ONE app for popular Fediverse platforms + Algorithmic feed | Product Hunt

Why Sora?

Sora (そら、ソラ、空) means sky in Japanese. This app hopes that it connects with various stars (instances) in the sky, helping you explore and navigate across the FediVerse.

Why Magic Cat icon?

The magical cat with a black witch hat? Oh. Because I think it looks better than the elephant icon. Also that’s my mascot icon. Hope you like it (wait, did I tell anyone you can use iOS system Shortcut app to customize the icon of any app… No. No I did not)

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