Sora - Futuristic Fediverse client

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View timelines in post or gallery mode


A smart composer that offers multi-threaded composing feature. Add images, videos, maps, online GIF search, and instance custom emojis.

Stay Organized

Grouped notifications
Direct Messages
Bookmark folders
Bookmark support for Bluesky
and many other features


Smart algorithms learns your interests, categorizes them, and features similar topics from all accounts across the Fediverse.


See daily and hourly analysis for posts coming from Misskey, Firefish, and Bluesky instance.


Not only compatible with Mastodon, Misskey, Bluesky, and Firefish. But also offers unique features like Bluesky custom feeds, Misskey drive browser, emoji reaction picker for posts...

One app,
Multiple Platforms,
Multiple Accounts,
opens all Fediverse doors

🤗Supports all Mastodon instances
🐱Supports MissKey instances
🔥Supports FireFish instances
🌤️Supports BlueSky

Free to use,
let us be your engine in the FediVerse*

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Why Sora?

Sora (そら、ソラ、空) means sky in Japanese. This app hopes that it connects with various stars (instances) in the sky, helping you explore and navigate across the FediVerse.

What others say:

"iOS app SoraSNS is already one of the more interesting fediverse apps in development, that supports a variety of platforms and has interesting ideas with algorithmic timelines..."The Fediverse Report
"This is by far my favourite Fediverse apps... It is beautiful, innovative and considerate... The developer is receptive to feedback..."Damon Outlaw on ProductHunt
"I've been using with the SoraSNS iOS app, and let me tell you, it's pretty impressive! Oh, and for all those who have been patiently waiting for a great #Firefish mobile client, your wait is finally over!" Chris Trottier,Admin

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*Some of the features requires a subscription or a one-time purchase. Please test all feature compatibility for your instance before making a purchase.